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WortMail is a privilege provided by the Boston Wort Processors to it's club members. If you are a member in good standing you can have a complimentary WortMail account.

Your WortMail account comes with a personal mailbox. You can access the mailbox with your favorite mail client (POP), or through a web browser interface (Web Mail). Additionally, you may choose to have your mail forwarded to a different external mail address.

Account Access

After you have been granted a WortMail account, read up on how to Access Your Account ».

Account Policies

If you fail to renew you membership, your WortMail account gets deleted. Any stored mail is lost - you have been warned. Your account name goes up for availability to other paying members. If you want a new WortMail account, then pay your dues and fill out the request form again.

One eMail account per member. Yes, Adjunct members can have one too. Spousal/Family memberships can have two. If you hold a club office or fill some other honorary roll then you can have a special Forward setup, eg: president@wort.org -> jim@wort.org.

If you chose to use the POP Mail or Web mail options, then please clean out your mailbox on a regular basis. Also, don't keep large attachments stored there (eg: images, PDFs). Initially, you will have a storage quota of 5MB. This may change as more accounts are added or we approach the 100MB limit for the club.

Lastly, if you are a pain-in-the-ass, send spam, or play juvenile games with your WortMail the account may be deleted without additional warning. If you want to fool around with email accounts do it at Yahoo! Email.


To keep your account as SPAM free as possible, try these tips:

When including your mail address in a signature line, donít use the '@' symbol. Instead yourname@wort.org becomes yourname(at)wort.org. Many SPAM engines look for the '@' symbol, and if it is not there, you will not be noticed. People who want to communicate with you will understand what you are doing, and put the '@' back in their response or address book.

Use one mail address for personal mail, a second address for Internet commerce (like buying something online), and another as a 'throwaway' for any time you need to give an address, but donít care if the other person (or system) ever gets back to you. Use a free mailer like Yahoo or MSN for this last type of account.

Lastly, learn about privacy and e-mail at places like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org), or look for other SPAM-busting pages such as this SPAM FAQ.


First, please re-read all of the above information. Next, check the mail system status. Then, you can contact the WortMail Master.

Get WortMail!

To get a WortMail account, please fill out and submit the Request Form.

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